About the Creators

Joshua Hurricks

Joshua Hurricks born in the South Island of New Zealand is passionate about storytelling both in text, visual media and audio form. He has many fond memories of being read bedtime stories by his father and those stories have captured his imagination to this day by authors such as Beatrix Potter, C.S. Lewis, Arthur Ransome, and of course the timeless stories of the Bible. Wanting to pass this experience on not only his own son but give opportunities to many through the works he creates. 

Joshua focuses on not only writing compelling stories but also aims to make the reader reflect about their own life and identify with charicters or scenes in his books. We hope you enjoy the titles avalable and many more to come. 

Zerika Van Jaarsveld

Zerika Van Jaarsveld born in Namibia now living in Southland, New Zealand is a highly dedicated artist who puts a tremendous amount of thought, research and care into her Illustrations. Zerika has an incredible attention to detail that is very evident in her works of art. She is inspired by nature, antiques and her family.