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“A delightful bedtime story”

The perfect bedtime story that can be read over and over again.

Join Mrs Feild Mouse as she searches and sweeps her little home to find her priceless lost coin. Read along with the video or get the free audio download of the book!

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The Soggy Lost Lamb


A heart warming story of a little lamb that gets separated from the flock. Will the hardy farmer brave the sleet and gale force winds to save the soggy lost lamb from the edge of a cliff?

Expected Dec 2024



In this inspiring novel, Carlos, unsettled in his adopted home, runs off to the city with half the family fortune in search of love, purpose and identity. Will he find what he is looking for? Will his father ever accept him home again? Expected availability in paperback, eBook and a full unabridged cinematic audio production.

Expected Nov 2024

The Adventures of
Brandon Bear


Brandon Bear loves to get up to mischief. One day, contrary to his father’s instruction, wanders off and becomes lost in the wilderness. Will Brandon Bear find his way home? What will Father Bear’s response be?

Expected 2025